Economics 101, with the third grade

by nolateacherlady


This week, third graders are learning about the basics of economics. Today’s activity had them making a foldable about a product of their choosing. They had to identify the producer and consumer of their product. Some of my favorites:

Chris*: PRODUCT: Wigs    PRODUCER: Wigmaker          CONSUMER: Hannah Montana

(Note: Can you tell this kid is a good shit-talker? He knows his pop culture references. Overheard during an argument yesterday…. “Oh shut up Harry Potter….” Also, “I’m gonna pop you in the microwave and cook you like a TV dinner.”)

Katie*: PRODUCT: Fake nails            PRODUCER: Nail salon        CONSUMER: Ms. Q

(Note: GOT ME!!)

Donald*: PRODUCT: Hot chips that I’m going to buy after school with my $170 . PRODUCER: The store       CONSUMER: ME!

(Note: $170 should probably be $1.70, but who knows?)

Reggie*: PRODUCT: Art piece                 PRODUCER: Artist                CONSUMER: Me!

(Note: Building his fine art collection at age 8!)

Calvin*: PRODUCT: Lil’ Wayne CD          PRODUCER: Lil’ Wayne         CONSUMER: Me!

(Note: An awesome picture accompanied this one.)

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the adorable and the hilarious


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