If I were governor…

by nolateacherlady

I asked my kids to write a story about what it would be like to run for governor, and what they would do if they won. Some of what they wrote was really wonderful.

Candidate M.K. If I were governor, I would stop all the wars. I would make everything free. I would free the countries. I will make a rule that you get paid every time you come to school. I will make B.I. (Behavior Intervention) illegal. I will make a rule that they can’t wear uniforms. I will make a rule that kids can do whatever they want. I will make a rule that recess is longer.

Candidate A.B.

If I were governor, I would let the kids play in schools and play in class. I would let them not have school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and October. And when the kids get 100% on their test, the teachers have to give them 5000 dollars. And the kids can hit the teachers.

And I can let the teachers have parties when the kids are gone.

Candidate T.C.

Campaign is when I do speeches to people. Then all of the people vote called primary. Then I win as a governor, called a general. I will give homeless people cars, money, homes and good. Campaign, primary, general. No smoking, no drugs, no drinking beer, no cursing.

Candidate M.W.

I will help people with houses and the 3 steps campaign, primary and general. I want to do speeches for my city, and making my whole life so I can trust my heart and see if people vote for me, and become an awesome and cool RENEW student. We have a dream, a dream that can help people who are lost with no mother and father and raised a child, and get him a new home so he is safe and sound, and that means I will help your dream come true, so we can be safe and sound. I just want to help people and pets so they have a home for each other and I mean all of us, so we are family. We trust our heart. The end!

Candidate K.C.

I will give the longest speech. I will stop the meth ring (I’m praying this is a typ0). And give free houses to the homeless (campaign). Then go to the small election (primary). And I will win the big election and become mayor and I become governor, I’ll let everything be free.

Candidate J.G.

I will let the African people move to Louisiana so they can not do all of the work, and they can be free. The African people and I will put an animal in the country so that their family can come together. And I will make an animal center and put a baby lion cub and wolf cubs and train them to be gentle and the kids can pet them. I will give people food so they can vote for me.

Candidate T.K.

The first steps I did was 1: campaign, next I did the primary election then I did the general. What I would do as governor is say detentions and B.I. are illegal. I would give celebrations everyday. You will not have to pay taxes if you pay taxes, you will still not get any change back. You will be surprised when I am governor. You will love me. I will take so much care of you. You will all have all the money you need and all of the shelter and food you need and you will have all the  money you need, you will stay safe with me at all times!

Candidate D.L.

I will save people. Little boys and little girls is going to school to have fun and learn. Mom and Dad get money every Sunday and Friday. Kids get toys and games and live the life.

Candidate R.J.

I am trying to run for governor, and now I’m in the campaign speech. We will not have BI. No shooting. No smoking. In stores, everything is free and Christmas every day. And free games. Now I’m in the primary. 1,000 people vote on me, now free shoes, free cars, free jobs, money every day, free school supplies, free pizza now I am in general! Free places to stay at hotels, free I WIN!!

Candidate S.D.

First I would make a campaign. My speech is I promise to give a minimum amount of money to this state’s schools, jobs, and help people find homes. Second, I had 92% of the votes so I passed the primary elections. So now I’m in the general. I had 99% of the vote, while the other had 1%. I’m governor and I plan to fix the streets. I plan to fix every house for the homeless and until they have a job I will pay for everything, stop crime and make this a better place to live!

Candidate K.W.

Step one: Campaign. It will be hard and scary because I don’t like being in front of people reading. “I am a great person to vote for. You will want safe schools for the chirrens, and that’s why you should vote for me. I will be great for this school. Three weeks for Christmas and 2 weeks for celebrations for Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.”

People vote for me (everybody votes for me). Step 3. General – the big vote is here, and I WIN!!

Candidate T.S.

I will have to go through a lot of trouble. I will have to make speeches and I will have to make a good governor to keep my job, and I will have to go through primary before I go to the big one and the general. I will make everything free so nobody has to pay for stuff. I will give out money so you will feel rich, and I will make the bad people get eaten by a tiger or a lion. I will have to go through campaign, primary and general, and give the poor people money so they can buy a house.

Candidate A.S.

I will give speeches. I will let the citizens vote. I will try to give good speeches. I will practice good speeches and try to win the election. After school, ballet is free for all ladies. Free pizza every day. No detentions. Free everything everyday. Free football, basketball, baseball and ice skating every day.

From, Your sensitive friend and student A.S.

As I read through these, I actually got a little choked up. My kids don’t have very much, but they don’t see themselves as have-nots. In their responses, you see generosity and concern for the well being of other people less fortunate than themselves. If kids had some say in how the city was run, you wouldn’t see so many people living without health care or housing or access to quality food – that’s clear in their responses. That being said, you might also see lions and tigers eating bad people, and there would certainly be a lot less instructional time.


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