Things Learned From Mardi Gras

by  necs2010

Carnival season ended at Midnight on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras. In the style of a proper TFA Corps Member I think it is time to look back and do a little bit of Mardi Gras reflection.

Reflection #10 – Getting hit in the face with a large set of beads, especially the giant white ones, always hurts – no matter your state of consciousness.

Reflection #9 – Having friends in town in great, but beware of the chance that you may lose your friends in the chaos. Just hope they don’t have AT&T and you can still get a hold of them.

Reflection #8 – Some neighbors can be finicky about noise. Even it is Mardi Gras and even if the party did shut down at 9:45pm.

Reflection #7 – The City of New Orleans funds Mardi Gras through parking fines. Can you get a fine for blocking a non-existent sidewalk? Yes, you most certainly can.

Reflection #6 – The experience of waking up early and moving with massive crowds evokes strong feelings of nostalgia for college football games.

Reflection #5 – Uptown > CBD, FQ

Reflection #4 – An exception to #5 is the Krewe of Barkus. Go to that… it is a must.

Reflection #3 – Old ladies with canes are extremely territorial. If you wish to have pain-free ankles you best not block the throw routes of any cane-weldings folks.

Reflection #2 – The St. Augustine Drum Majors high stepped more through Mardi Gras than the Michigan Marching Band does in an entire season.

Reflection #1 – Even though it is possible to be severely paraded out you must always remember that you are #winning* during Mardi Gras.

* Thank you  Charlie Sheen for conveniently creating a world of memes in time for Mardi Gras.


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