Websites I’ve Used This Year (Teacher Resources!)

by  necs2010

Not the same TFA…

Since a new crop of 2011s is entering TFA I thought I would put together an index of the resources I’ve used so far this year. This is by no means complete… the internet has been amazing to me this year.

Current TFAers… if you want to add anything (especially in the math and science categories)  comment below!

Essential Teacher Resources – TFA’s answer to October of your first year. – A TFA Alumn’s attempt to make TFANet better. Sign up… some of the stuff is helpful. – Scholastic has already done what I am doing right now… still you know me so therefore mine is better. – Need to print off a graphic organizer right now for that class in 43 minutes? Freeology. – helpful if you need a headache and heartburn at the same time.

Writing Resources

10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses – a good index of writing courses that will help you with your own writing course.

Every-Day Edit – Month specific paragraphs with 10 errors for your students to correct as a DO NOW or however else you want to use it.

Purdue Writing Lab – pretty solid writing resource site.

Reading Resources

Read Print – Free books and short stories. Free!

I really should have more here….

Social Studies Resources – Louisiana social studies teacher literally posted every part of his course online. Download powerpoints, guided notes… everything.

PBS Newshour Extra – News stories for Middle/High Schools children with pre-made reading comprehension and teaching guides.

National Archives – Good place for primary docs.

More DBQs and primary sources – Basically what the title says.

Management and Investment Resources – There are far more than this, but this was all I have bookmarked.

Teaching As Leadership – a TFA stalwart that can actually be quite helpful.

Education World – just a decent website in general. Just decent.


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