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Are All Students College Bound?

by necs2010

Reading through local New Orelans blogs recently I stumbled a post on The G Bitch Spot, a blog written by a NOLA teacher, that tackles the proclamation of a local school that “College is the only option!” The author argues that the school’s demand that 100% of its students attend a 4 year institution too severely limits the scope of the educational experience and desires of students in America. She writes,

I do not think that college is for everyone. I do not believe that “everyone” needs to go or can go or wantsto go to college. … It is not for everyone and it is a disservice to tell all kids that they must go, no discussions, no options.

The author does admit that focusing curriculum in way that is college-oriented does a service in regards to creating a rigorous learning environment in schools that have lacked the focussed level held by many top performing schools. Still, the author fervently disagrees with the idea that college ought to be expected from every student. The drive for learning and intellectual exploration, she argues, can be driven through means other than preparation for a college career, which she sees as a rather specious end for many students.

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