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Sexy and Cute

Last night’s dinner featured a chili-rubbed skirt steak with polenta. The steak was excellent, but the real surprise of the entire meal was the outstanding stir-fry vegetables made from a vegan cook book called Clean Food. This is the second recipe I have made out of Clean Foods that is so good I would consider going vegan.

Just kidding.

Also, watched Crazy Stupid Love, which comes highly recommended. We had one complaint though, Ryan Gosling had an over-the-top, ridiculous New York bro accent that seemed strangely out of place in the grand scheme of everything.

Gumbo, The Infographic

by  necs2010

I love gumbo. I love the stuff I get at Gott Gourmet, I love the stuff I get in the Quarter, and I love the rural St. James gumbo we get at school. I love gumbo. Yet, I did not understand exactly what constitutes “gumbo” until I saw this great infographic from GOOD.

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