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Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoos and Misc.

This is a bad idea no matter who you are.

+ The Joint deserves a full, separate blog post to itself. New Orleans is not known for its BBQ, but this shack in the Bywater may have jumped to “Best BBQ I Have Ever Had” in my list of lists. It also wins the award for “Most Hipster BBQ Joint Ever.” If you come to New Orleans and have had your fill of Po Boys and crawfish then head to The Joint get some of their sweet sweet ribs.

+ “I’m going to buy a gun with my income tax returns” – From a student who neither has an income nor tax returns.

+ From Tom… the supposed co-contributor to this blog. “A Time Against Race” explores the racial politics of New Orleans historically, under Ray Nagin, and now with Mayor Landrieu. I can honestly say I knew very little of this history and how intricate racial politics are in New Orleans. For example, Nagin was orignially elected with 86% of the white vote and only 40% of the black vote, which clashes with the media profile of Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin post-Katrina.

+ ‎”Man Mr. Styer I had a pet turtle and my mom said it ran away. Really. RAN. Next day we had some turtle soup man. My pet turtle man. My first pet.”

+ Watch the President’s Tucson speech if you have not yet. His ability to merge the immense sorrow of the tragedy and accolades for the heroics shown on that day speaks to his masterfully of emotion and tone. The dueling tones of his speech match the cheering of a tear-filled, mourning crowded arena that  was looking for a reason to move on and come together as a community. Video beneath the cut.

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Where To Drink in New Orleans (Infographic)

From Defend New Orleans comes this useful and quite precise infographic plotting exactly where you ought to go for a drink in New Orleans. Basically, it is right on.

Ian's New Orleans Drinking Guide

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The Plan: A Night NOLA Bars

Last week a few friends and I conceived an ambitious plan. Hatched in the midst of a grueling lesson planning marathon our plan revolved around finding three restaurants/bars we had never been to and, well, go to those bars. That night, after tearing ourselves away from Pirates of the Caribbean II, we struck out visit Avenue Pub, Bar Tonique, and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. I felt the need to review them. So, here we go.

Avenue Pub

Our first stop was Avenue Pub on St. Charles came poorly recommended by another corps member. Well, she was wrong. Avenue Pub as the atmosphere of a homey neighborhood bar, but with the awesome added benefit of a balcony on St. Charles Avenue. Talking about Avenue Pub I must mention its massive beer selection (Delirium Noel, anyone?) and small kitchen that churns out delicious grilled cheeses and/or crab cake sandwiches. Both are reasons to get yourself down St. Charles immediately (probably on a Friday since life doesn’t count during the week).

Basically, I hope this becomes a standard on our neighborhood bar repertoire.

Bar Tonique

Go to this bar. This bar is fantastic. Bar Tonique is a small bar hidden away on the edge of the French Quarter that showcases a room dominated by a large bar backed by old, exposed brick. Bar Tonique features a cocktail list that is as impressive as it is large of drinks mixed with freshly squeezed fruits and quality alcohol. Additionally, the intimate nature of the bar is a nice hideaway from the insanity the rest of the Quarter provides only blocks away.

I may be blacklisted by my fellow creators of the plan for revealing this location, but it is definitely a must go for long-term and short-term visitors to New Orleans.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Located on Bourbon Street, Lafitte’s is a fixture in both the culinary and historical story of New Orleans. It is one of the oldest, original buildings on Bourbon Street and has been linked to the famous privateer and smuggler brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte who operated along the Louisiana coast in the early 1800s. By the time we arrived it was crowded, but the patio provided a pleasant experience to bring to a close the French Quarter part of our night out. Once again, although Lafitte’s is located on Bourbon street it provided an atmosphere and experience that is considerably different than the standard fare found in the French Quarter.