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The Highlights (So Far)

by necs2010

Go here, get a Po Boy, enjoy life.

It has been awhile since I have blogged, but I can chalk that up to the overwhelming joy of being unemployed in New Orleans. Luckily, my time will now be taken up by the pro bono co-teaching and tutoring work at a local High School. Something about suddenly having something to do every day inspired me to actually do some blogging.

I have only really been here for a month now, but I’ve had a few adventures (as you can see from my partner’s posts on this blog) and thought I would do a first month highlights post… here we go.

FoodParasol’s – The Po Boy, a New Orleans french bread staple, comes in all sorts of flavors, types, and sizes. You can go to fancy shops and get po boy’s with fried oysters and fully dressed, but if you just want the basics… go to Parasol’s. World famous for their roast beef po boy really lives up to its hype and the dingy diveness of the bar makes this the best food experience I have had yet.

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