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#BountyScandal and the End of Football?

Re: #BountyScandal… two interesting articles about the future of football in the US national identitiy.

Bounty Bowl, Cont. – Ta-Nehisi Coates

Pre-Scandal, but along the same lines of “Football may become non-existant in the next 20 years.”

What Would the End of Football Look Like – Grantland

Would Nick Saban Field TFA?

What is the teaching equivalent of medical gray shirting?

In a continuing display of ignorance, Answer Sheet, WaPo’s anti-education reform blog, published a piece arguing the simple question… what if a college football team employed a similar philosophy to Teach For America?

Using the logic of the Huntsville City Board of Education, University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban should only use his youngest, most inexperienced players when his team plays a Top Ten opponent.

The author goes on to engage in the tit-for-tat argument pitting one negative study against a body of positive research about the effectiveness of the organization.

What I want to hone in on is the ridiculousness of an argument that ignores the reality of TFA and football. His basis is that you would not play young, inexperienced players, which is, in his mind, the same as top college graduates committing to educating children in challenging schools. Setting aside the insulting nature of his argument he fails to acknowledge the numerous teams where older, underperforming players are passed over in critical games for younger players willing to fight and perform for the position. For example, the New Orleans Saints playing Mark Ingram ahead of older players, or U of M playing a Denard Robinson ahead of an older Tate Forcier (Michigan reference for Michigan friends).

Additionally, most football teams work on a basis where new, high-performing players take the field alongside more veteran team members, thus supplementing the old talent with the new. The coach has the ability to make personnel decisions that place players in the positions where they will be the most effective to move the team towards their overall goal. Many anti-reform writers, like Answer Sheet, argue against giving individual principals the power to make the personnel decisions that best benefit students – one of those decisions being whether or not hiring TFA would be beneficial to students.

I just really wish these people would stop making this really dumb arguments, because this one is really bad.


by necs2010

Michigan has been the object of a lot of deserved and undeserved ridicule since The Horror. Yesterday, The Wolverines destroyed UConn, but did so with total poise and control of the game. This is going to be an awesome season. Also, Denard Robinson = amazing.

Also, if you ever need to read an amazing blog about Michigan Football, and college football in general go to MGOBLOG… It is literally one of the best sports blogs in existence.