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Update + Link Digest

by necs2010

I officially moved into my NOLA home on Thursday, which means pictures and more coming soon. Unfortunately, this means I don’t have internet access. As I am never without internet access this is sort of a Brave New World for me. Scary.

This week has been a whirlwind of leases, thrift stores, and an embarrassing amount of Wal-Mart shopping, but I am at least settling in. Additionally, I had my first interview in a month and a half today…. fingers crossed.

Since I am writing from a Starbucks I decided to just share some of the things I discovered online in my week of unemployment. Therefore, I present my “Link Digest.”

Music – (500) Days of Weezy – by mysickuncle – A great mashup of the “500 Days of Summer” indie soundtrack with lil wayne. The premise is odd, but the result is absolutely fantastic. I am pretty much addicted to this mixtape.

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Finally, NOLA

by necs2010

After doing nearly 40 hours of driving this week across the United States of America I am now back in New Orleans for good. I can officially start blogging about the city (the intended purpose of this blog) and actually settle down from my nomadic life (although I don’t have a place to live or a job – not big issues, really).

Anyway, I feel like this calls for a youtube video. Classic rock song? Check. British Invasion Band? Check. Shameless NOLA reference? Oh yah.