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“The money is the motive!” (Budget Post via Wayne)

by  necs2010

Not the same person.

SHUT ER DOWN, SHUT ER DOWN, SHUT ER DOWN was the rallying cry of House Republicans this week and they might just get their way.  Additionally, boy wizard Rep. Paul Ryan released a budget that builds an America that is held aloft by poor people, old people, and the deregulation of the financial industry.

I decided to wrap up all of this through Lil’ Wayne quotes.  This may be a stretch… follow along for a little bit.

“The top gets higher the more that I climb.” or “Elevator in my crib ’cause it’s 5 floors. I’m not expectin’ you to have one in yours.”

”Paul Ryan’s budget (READ THIS THIS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IN IT) essentially delivers astronomical cuts via trashing the elderly and the poor. Seriously 2/3 of the cuts from programs that help the poor in this country.  Within those cuts it explicitly roles back the Pell Grant program… one of the ways the poor in country actually are able to access the means to lift themselves up. This cynical budget cuts tax rates for the rich and prosperous and assumes that the poor will be able to deal…

Ezra Klein does a good job pointing out the risks of presenting a plan that so fundamentally sticks to CYNICAL, ABUSIVE, CONSERVATIVE principles instead of diversifying his plan.

“We probably ain’t supposed to be together, but I wonder if my love of her could last forever.” or “Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers.”

What gets me, and relates to the Wayne quote, is that Republican spent all fall decrying Democrats for putting their government in old people’s Medicare. Now, Paul Ryan proposes a change to Medicare that would, according to the CBO, fail to CAP costs and merely SHIFT them to the elderly. Essentially, health care would continue to increase in cost and the elderly will be given a static (indexed merely to GDP, which is far lower than health care inflation) amount of voucher money and told to stick it in their pacemakers.

“We are not the same. I’m a martian, this is Space Jam.”

I am a huge fan of how Ryan’s budget predicts 2.8% unemployment. First, the Fed and everyone would never allow this low of unemployment, not seen since the 50s to exist, to ever exist. Secondly, he bases this off of some funny numbers from the Heritage Foundation that assumes an Ayn Rand reality where economics bend to their will.  I don’t understand math so I’ll link to smarter people.

FireDogLake (I know…) compiles Krugman’s take down.

“Me and shawty go together like chemicals.”

Speaker Boehner is quoted as saying there is no sunlight between him and the Tea Party. This bonded association is now making it nearly impossible for Boehner to reach a consensus with Obama and the Democrats. Boehner, I legitimately believe, is a consensus figure in the mold of Harry Reid and maybe even Obama, but has now boxed him, and the future of his job, into the Tea Party corner. This may now be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t hell situation for Boehner.

“I don’t go around fire expectin’ not to sweat”

The House Republicans attached little hot button issues to their budget 1) neutering the EPA and 2) de-funding Planned Parenthood and some sort of Mythical United Nations Abortions funded by the United States. Unfortunately, these have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON THE BUDGET. Therefore, we might get a shut down over…. Planned Parenthood. I think this will confuse and anger most Americans.

Additionally, PAUL RYAN included some of his own hot buttons into his plan that have no effect on the long-term fiscal health of the country. He repeals the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill – Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (something that reduces the deficit) – and adds some energy reform portion that focuses America on fossil fuels… for some reason. These are all issues that could hinder any serious consideration of this budget plan.

“I’m the cashier, I change girls.”

Seriously, this is all coming down to Planned Parenthood?

Note – this is all I have for right now. Let me drive home and think of some more / get angrier.

Things Learned From Mardi Gras

by  necs2010

Carnival season ended at Midnight on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras. In the style of a proper TFA Corps Member I think it is time to look back and do a little bit of Mardi Gras reflection.

Reflection #10 – Getting hit in the face with a large set of beads, especially the giant white ones, always hurts – no matter your state of consciousness.

Reflection #9 – Having friends in town in great, but beware of the chance that you may lose your friends in the chaos. Just hope they don’t have AT&T and you can still get a hold of them.

Reflection #8 – Some neighbors can be finicky about noise. Even it is Mardi Gras and even if the party did shut down at 9:45pm.

Reflection #7 – The City of New Orleans funds Mardi Gras through parking fines. Can you get a fine for blocking a non-existent sidewalk? Yes, you most certainly can.

Reflection #6 – The experience of waking up early and moving with massive crowds evokes strong feelings of nostalgia for college football games.

Reflection #5 – Uptown > CBD, FQ

Reflection #4 – An exception to #5 is the Krewe of Barkus. Go to that… it is a must.

Reflection #3 – Old ladies with canes are extremely territorial. If you wish to have pain-free ankles you best not block the throw routes of any cane-weldings folks.

Reflection #2 – The St. Augustine Drum Majors high stepped more through Mardi Gras than the Michigan Marching Band does in an entire season.

Reflection #1 – Even though it is possible to be severely paraded out you must always remember that you are #winning* during Mardi Gras.

* Thank you  Charlie Sheen for conveniently creating a world of memes in time for Mardi Gras.