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Gumbo, The Infographic

by  necs2010

I love gumbo. I love the stuff I get at Gott Gourmet, I love the stuff I get in the Quarter, and I love the rural St. James gumbo we get at school. I love gumbo. Yet, I did not understand exactly what constitutes “gumbo” until I saw this great infographic from GOOD.

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Great Moments in Billboards

by  necs2010

Disclaimer: I am neither a long-time New Orleans resident nor a advertising guru.

With that disclaimer, I know that this billboard in Jefferson Parish, the parish immediately to the West of New Orleans, is in horrible taste. I may also be about a month late on this one, but I found this image on the blog Humid City. Humid City does a great job at tearing down the ridiculousness of this billboard, but I think they missed a few key points.

From an education standpoint Jefferson Parish performs at the same level, or below, Orleans Parish Schools. Additionally, Jefferson Parish is notorious for going through rounds of staff layoffs at the end of every school year only rehire or reshuffle staff. A teacher hired at the beginning of one year is hard pressed to believe he or she will be working in Jefferson Parish the next year.  For Jefferson Parish to trumpet itself so quickly as the better, safer, more reliable alternative to New Orleans is rather ridiculous.

Additionally, this once again emphasizes the decades-old feud of urban vs suburban communities. This fight seems especially futile considering Jefferson Parish benefits from the rich culture, employment opportunities, and significant tourism pull that New Orleans provides for the entire metropolitan area. This bulletin board fails to be both factually and morally the right decision for Jefferson Parish.


I think some of the commentators from Humid City appropriately close out this blog post.


Just because they have all the Raising Cane’s and the Chick-fil-a’s, JP gotta get all uppity.


If I were governor…

by nolateacherlady

I asked my kids to write a story about what it would be like to run for governor, and what they would do if they won. Some of what they wrote was really wonderful.

Candidate M.K. If I were governor, I would stop all the wars. I would make everything free. I would free the countries. I will make a rule that you get paid every time you come to school. I will make B.I. (Behavior Intervention) illegal. I will make a rule that they can’t wear uniforms. I will make a rule that kids can do whatever they want. I will make a rule that recess is longer.

Candidate A.B.

If I were governor, I would let the kids play in schools and play in class. I would let them not have school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and October. And when the kids get 100% on their test, the teachers have to give them 5000 dollars. And the kids can hit the teachers.

And I can let the teachers have parties when the kids are gone.

Candidate T.C.

Campaign is when I do speeches to people. Then all of the people vote called primary. Then I win as a governor, called a general. I will give homeless people cars, money, homes and good. Campaign, primary, general. No smoking, no drugs, no drinking beer, no cursing.

Candidate M.W.

I will help people with houses and the 3 steps campaign, primary and general. I want to do speeches for my city, and making my whole life so I can trust my heart and see if people vote for me, and become an awesome and cool RENEW student. We have a dream, a dream that can help people who are lost with no mother and father and raised a child, and get him a new home so he is safe and sound, and that means I will help your dream come true, so we can be safe and sound. I just want to help people and pets so they have a home for each other and I mean all of us, so we are family. We trust our heart. The end!

Candidate K.C.

I will give the longest speech. I will stop the meth ring (I’m praying this is a typ0). And give free houses to the homeless (campaign). Then go to the small election (primary). And I will win the big election and become mayor and I become governor, I’ll let everything be free.

Candidate J.G.

I will let the African people move to Louisiana so they can not do all of the work, and they can be free. The African people and I will put an animal in the country so that their family can come together. And I will make an animal center and put a baby lion cub and wolf cubs and train them to be gentle and the kids can pet them. I will give people food so they can vote for me.

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WaPo Blog Misses the Point, Facts

Not my blog.

I first stumbled across Valerie Strauss’s Washington Post-hosted education blog “Answer Sheet” when I started this blog and was seeking out other education policy blogs. I quickly found out she is vehemently skeptical of education reform, Teach For America, KIPP, and, above all else, Michelle Rhee. Her blog bounces between personal commentary, reprinting articles from other education policy commentators, and posting of generally anti-reform statistics and analysis. By her own description the blog is meant to ” focus on helping parents get themselves and their children through their formal education,” which for some reason  requires a thoroughly biased opinion against education reform.

Recently, she wrote a simple post entitled “How Teach for [sic] America sees itself” where she simply reposts a job posting for TFA’s political leadership organization Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE). LEE was created to help connect TFA alumns who are in public service/political fields and, in theory, help train new leaders in education public policy. Strauss posts the job opening unabridged and without commentary, and, like most job postings, it is high in self-praise and glittering language. However, without supporting commentary I am confused on what Strauss takes offense to. Is it the idea of ending educational inequity? Is it the idea that like-minded political professionals ought to organize and network? Or, is it that Valerie Strauss fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of Teach For America?

Previously on Answer Sheet, Strauss wrote about  TFA saying:

Supporters of Teach for America sometimes portray it as the savior of public education, attracting the smartest college graduates into the program, which gives them five weeks of training and then places them in urban schools — to teach kids who really need the best-trained, most inspirational teachers — with a commitment that they will stay for two years. The dropout rate is even higher than the high dropout rate for all teachers, which is 50 percent within five years.

I could argue that this description fails on several points. Firstly, I could argue TFA corps members are given significant additional support and development beyond the initial 5 weeks. Secondly, I would argue that the low-income kids we teach often do not have and will never have the “best-trained, most inspirational teachers” Strauss envisions.

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Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoos and Misc.

This is a bad idea no matter who you are.

+ The Joint deserves a full, separate blog post to itself. New Orleans is not known for its BBQ, but this shack in the Bywater may have jumped to “Best BBQ I Have Ever Had” in my list of lists. It also wins the award for “Most Hipster BBQ Joint Ever.” If you come to New Orleans and have had your fill of Po Boys and crawfish then head to The Joint get some of their sweet sweet ribs.

+ “I’m going to buy a gun with my income tax returns” – From a student who neither has an income nor tax returns.

+ From Tom… the supposed co-contributor to this blog. “A Time Against Race” explores the racial politics of New Orleans historically, under Ray Nagin, and now with Mayor Landrieu. I can honestly say I knew very little of this history and how intricate racial politics are in New Orleans. For example, Nagin was orignially elected with 86% of the white vote and only 40% of the black vote, which clashes with the media profile of Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin post-Katrina.

+ ‎”Man Mr. Styer I had a pet turtle and my mom said it ran away. Really. RAN. Next day we had some turtle soup man. My pet turtle man. My first pet.”

+ Watch the President’s Tucson speech if you have not yet. His ability to merge the immense sorrow of the tragedy and accolades for the heroics shown on that day speaks to his masterfully of emotion and tone. The dueling tones of his speech match the cheering of a tear-filled, mourning crowded arena that  was looking for a reason to move on and come together as a community. Video beneath the cut.

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Post A Week/Day


So WordPress, the beloved site that hosts this blog, is challenging writers to post every day or every week. Since I teach, although I have today off and I AM REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT, I probably will not be posting every day. I apologize for not being more committed to the three sad people that read this blog, plus my mother who makes me feel better by reading this whenever I post it on Facebook.

Expect a bit more consistency from my blogging… cheers from NOLA!

PS – WordPress asks that we post some nice post informing everyone we are partaking. The form letter is below the fold.

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